Friday, May 4, 2012


Andrew Belle & Katie Herzig's Duet
Last weekend was one for the memory book. My husband and I wanted a date night and heard about the Andrew Belle and Katie Herzig concert at the last minute. I was excited to read Katie’s tweet about it because I’ve been listening to both artists for inspiration while working on my YA novel. Something about their transparency really speaks to me.

We arrived early at the venue to find an intimate setting of tables for four, meaning we’d be sitting with people we didn’t know. It was sort of exciting to see everyone trickle in, wondering who’d be sharing the next three hours with us. Two ladies were having a girl’s night away from their husbands and asked to join us. During the break we talked about where we were from, what we loved about the artists, family stuff . . . it was a great way to pass the time.

Of course I can’t leave out the best part, the live performances. Katie’s band was impressive, playing both hers and Andrew’s sets. Andrew was the opener and was just as beautiful vocally as he is on his album, if not more. I’d heard a few of Katie’s songs, and was blown away by the power in her voice.

She filled the room and played alongside her band, with most of the group picking up various instruments, bringing the audience into the music with cello, piano, clarinet, percussion . . . Seriously, I think if someone had thrown a paper bag on stage, they would have found a way to work it in. They played everything.
My husband and I with Andrew Belle

 At one point it was as if they had a symphony on stage. Both artists had amazing performances, and I appreciate the intimate setting they created for their fans. It was a great way to connect with new people who had a shared interest.

We met Andrew Belle after the show. He was very personable, as was Katie from what I could see of the throngs of teen girls she was chatting with between pictures and autographs. It was a great night, and to top it off my husband met Ben Folds coming up the stairs and got to shake his hand, he’d played a show next door. We left a little star struck.

Saturday my husband and I went to Art in the Square in Southlake with some friends from church and spent the evening catching up on life before splitting off for separate dinner dates. Sunday we headed to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival where we met a sculptor, listened to some jazz and had lunch with some locals at a picnic table on the lawn.

Clay Sculptor Denton Arts and Jazz Fest
While we ate our burgers, the guy talked about how he worked summers in Colorado and winters in Key West. This led to a conversation about our cruise, and it might have been his beer coupled with the heat, but he was pretty sure we met some of his Key West friends when we were there. And why not? We could have.

Any other time this kind of weekend would probably feel busy, but meeting all those new people and spending time with our friends made it fun and relaxing. It really was one of those great weekends I’ll never forget.