Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Other Side of Rain

I’m not one of those people who likes getting caught in the rain, which is why my floorboard is lined with a colorful selection of umbrellas. So, maybe one for each passenger plus a backup is a bit extreme, but they have saved the day on more than one occasion. Okay, they weren’t involved in some big rescue mission, but they sure came in handy when my husband and I were stuck in the bleachers at an outdoor graduation ceremony with his family several years back.

Nevermind the fact that my husband had to run two blocks to retrieve the umbrellas, or that seconds after he left the sky unzipped and dumped several inches of water on the crowd. With the outpour of screams that followed, you would have thought the world was ending. But alas, it was only the cry of those whose over-teased-Texas-tresses had fallen to there deaths.

As my niece and I huddled under our ceremony program, hoping the student’s names wouldn’t run straight off the paper and on to our clothes, I wondered what was taking so long. Why didn’t I bring those blasted umbrellas with us?

By the time my husband returned, the crowds were sliding out of the stands, sloshing their way to their cars. Since we were already soaked, we waited (under our umbrellas of course) as the traffic cleared. Then, just as quick as the rain came, it left. And the darkness slipped away, revealing a rainbow.

Sometimes life comes at us like a storm. Maybe you see a few warning clouds, or maybe it comes out of nowhere. Either way, it can be hard to weather it out especially if it’s a downpour. In times like these I try and remind myself of one thing — the rain won’t last forever. And my hope is that on the other side of this struggle, obstacle, mountain…there will be something good.