Monday, April 12, 2010

A Cat On a Dog With a Rat

This past weekend I went to the Fort Worth Arts Festival. Parking was a pain as always, but I knew it would be worth the hassle once we got to Sundance Square. The elevator stopped on every floor in the parking garage and was filled to max capacity by the time we got to level four. I was wedged between sweaty-bearded-guy, happy-husband, and elevator-button-panel-that-hadn’t-seen-a-cleaning-rag-in-who-knows-how-long. So, you can imagine my panicked expression when the doors opened on the second floor, revealing father-with-gargantuan-stroller and wife-with-fussy-baby.

You know what came next… “Maybe we could fit.” My OCD kicked in as I reached for grimy-door-open-button to be courteous. I could feel the sweat beading up on the back of my hand, and I’d swear there was a polarity clash because my finger was mysteriously repelled by the grotesque aura coming from the seriously-needed-some-antibacterial wash-button-panel. After a quick study, father-with-gargantuan-stroller realized his crew would not fit into the two-foot by two-foot space that was available between happy-husband and family-of-five-with-backs-turned-to-us, saving me and my finger from exposure to germus maximus.

One more drop, and we were home free. When the doors opened I had a flashback from two years prior when a person in a full-blown, Stormtrooper costume greeted happy-husband and me on the street level. Since, we’d learned to expect the unexpected, and this year did not disappoint. Following the crowd through the streets we came to the first crosswalk where we saw the most awesome thing ever—mainly because I’m a pet person. A man named Gregory Pike had a mouse sitting on a cat sitting on a dog on a leash in the middle of the Square. Their names are Booger, Kitty and Mousey, and you can see tons of videos of them online. Sadly I did not have my camera, but you can visit their Web site if you’re interested.

Booger, Kitty and Mousey were the highlight of my day. The festival was packed with artists showcasing in just about every medium. One of my favorites was a man from Canada who did a series of prints on plaster. It was a blast and gave me more story ideas than I could ask for.

My suggestion is to venture out and do something fun this month. You never know who or what you’ll see. And, if you happen to run into me on an elevator, please know that I will push the button for you if needed. Now, if it’s a bathroom door that needs opening, and there are no paper towels around and I have no jacket hemline to assist, you’re on your own.


  1. Sounds like a blast. And good advice on getting out too. Just the other day, I was saying to the wife that we needed to get out and do some more outdoor stuff--maybe not as cool as seeing Booger and crew, but fun nonetheless.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my place and becoming a follower. It's much appreciated. :)

  2. Jon Paul, it was a blast. I'm sure you and your wife will find all sorts of interesting things to see and do in your area, and you never know where Booger and the crew will show up next.

  3. Training the dog for that display would be easy. Training the mouse for this pyramid formation, I can see. But training the cat for such a trick, now that would be tough! Especially since it is wedged between the dog and the mouse! In my experience, when I want a cat to do something, it does the exact opposite! Too funny! Thanks for sharing! Love you! See you in 2 days!