Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Being Transparent

For the past ten years I’ve toyed with a story idea based loosely on a personal experience but was not looking forward to a trip down memory lane. The more I ignored it, the more it flooded my mind. Characters and situations worked themselves into plot points, and I began to make notes on any piece of paper I could get my hands on. Eventually I gave in to the creative process and let the story flow at its own pace.

Now I’m in the revision process and have experienced a range of emotions brought on by the pangs of transparency and sheer exhaustion after too many days of writing until four thirty in the morning. Thankfully my husband has been by my side challenging me to write a better story. He studied film in college and is constantly bringing me back to Robert McKee’s book, Story. When I get tired I remind myself of why I’m telling this story in the first place, and that keeps me going.

If there’s a story in you, tell it. Don’t be afraid of making yourself vulnerable. Sometimes the stories we protect are the ones others need to hear.


  1. This was a beautiful post! Well said. I have a story to tell but it has nothing related to me, however as I write I realize that without thinking I include pieces of me, I guess that's the journey and path to discovery.

  2. Wow. This is a beautiful message. :-)

  3. Jen, I do that too with other pieces. Guess that's why they say write what you know--we always end up part of the story in some way.

    Shannon, thank you.