Friday, April 10, 2009

Small Wonders

While watering plants I caught a glimpse of a tiny web gleaming in the morning sun. In the center was a spider no bigger than a mustard seed working away. I watched in awe thinking about how we are created to do something beautiful to glorify God. This spider was, in its basic form, doing what God created it to do.

This spring I have had the pleasure of seeing many of God’s creatures diligently working in preparation for what’s to come, in particular, a mother bird who chose an unlikely dwelling to build her nest. An old barbeque pit in my backyard was waiting for trash day until she staked her claim on it.

I suppose she felt safe in its cast iron hull. Now she has a comfortable place to hide from the strong winds and rain. It will likely take her three weeks to construct her twiggy haven. Then she will lay her eggs, and eventually life will emerge as it always does in course of the season.

Spring brings many small wonders, each an example of God’s handiwork. There is something beautiful about seeing His workmanship live the life He created them to live. Whether an artisan, teacher or tradesman, each of us is designed with special gifts that bless others. As we use those gifts, our lives are fulfilling and give glory to God.

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