Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now We Are Three

I’ve learned something interesting about Starlings. Females, who may or may not have a nest, will often lay their eggs in another bird’s nest. When they do this they sometimes remove host eggs from the nest and place them carefully on the ground. I researched this behavior when I discovered the original two eggs had disappeared from the barbeque pit last Thursday.

At first I was sad and wondered if the original mother bird would return. Once the eggs were removed, I didn’t see any activity for several days until my husband and I stepped out to grill tonight. We fired up our new pit and saw our mother bird watching us from a neighboring chimney. With anticipation, my husband gently lifted the heavy cast iron lid of our old pit. To my delight, we had three new, baby blue eggs.

I’m looking forward to seeing these babies emerge. As you can see in the photo, the mother actually buried the eggs under a layer of grass. One more interesting fact about these remarkable creatures—they can actually mimic other bird’s songs. “The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.” (Psalm 104:12 NIV). Each song is a gift—we should take the time to stop and listen.

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