Thursday, January 29, 2009

Emerging from a Bleak Mid-Winter

Have you ever noticed how God designed the seasons—each one dependant on the next? Without winter there wouldn’t be much of a harvest. And, spring flowers wouldn’t bloom unless the sun warmed the frosty ground. Life is no different. Through seasons we continually change and grow. Each transition is a passageway—bridging the old and the new.

Recently I’ve had to let go of some things, some of which I was prepared for, others I was not. God keeps reminding me that He created seasons to have a beginning and an end. And, I know we must go through the first to end up at the second. Thankfully, there are loving people in my life cheering me on each step of the way.

During this transition, Ryan’s grandmother passed away just a few days after her 90th birthday. At the funeral, I learned things about her I’d never known. Apparently, she hid her true age from everyone—even from her husband who was six years younger than she. We had a good laugh when we learned she had their tombstones engraved to say she was two years his junior.

Did I mention that was after her conscience got the best of her? Originally she had it engraved to say she was six years younger than he. If you do the math, that’s stretching it by twelve years. So, she paid $200 to have it changed. I guess she felt guilty. What’s the moral of the story? If you’re going to fudge your age, make sure you know how old you want people to think you are before it’s set in stone.

I love my quirky family. We’ve come together more in the last two months than we have in a year—each time offering encouragement, love and support. We celebrate our differences because they shape us and give us depth. Simply put, my relationships with family and friends have turned my life story into a page-turner.

After grandma’s viewing, we all went to eat at an Italian restaurant. We sat around the table sharing funny stories about her life. And, for a moment I was transported by joy and laughter to a place where the heart is healed and grief melts away.

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