Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does heaven have park benches?

My husband and I were hit hard when his grandfather, Bada, passed away three days after Thanksgiving. We had just lost our beloved dog Maggie and weren't prepared emotionally for Bada's passing. Many prayers and the support of friends and family kept us encouraged. Looking back, I am thankful we were able to capture Bada's memory in one last family photo. 

This picture was taken Thanksgiving Day just after we lost Maggie. I wasn’t feeling very brave, but our family comforted me and an inner strength took over. Pushing past the tears, my husband and I prepared my in-law's living room for our photo shoot. We took the pictures and got some great shots of Bada and Nana. When the night wound down, we said our goodbyes. On his way out, Bada said, “I’ll see you again soon.” Three days later, he stepped into God’s presence. 

After his funeral, I learned from Nana that Bada prayed for Maggie every morning when he found out she was battling cancer. She told me how much he loved Maggie--it really meant a lot because he spent his last few years fighting his own body. One thing I will say about Bada is he always put others needs before his own. 

It's hard to express how moved I was at his funeral when I saw how many lives he had touched. He was more than an awesome grandfather--he was a pillar of the family, leader in his church and contributor to society. He was an honest, hard-working man of God who loved his family. And, he passed the torch to his grandchildren so they could carry on his legacy. 

Does heaven have park benches? If so, Bada and Maggie have a great view. I like to imagine them sitting together in the quiet, just enjoying each other. We’ll miss them dearly and are thankful for the time we were allowed to share with them.

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